Ancient Therapies Wellness Spa​

Colon Hydrotherapy - Open System $75.00

The colon hydrotherapy equipment at  is an FDA registered medical device featuring state-of-the-art sanitation, water purification, pressure control, and temperature control. 

Colon Hydrotherapy- Closed System $95.00

The closed-system is a manual device controlled by a trained therapist, The therapist controls the pace of water flow and evacuation. Each time the client evacuates the water flow is reversed as the waste moves out through the second tube. 

Vagi/V Steam Therapy

 30 min-$75, 60 min $95

 Women participating in this Vaginal Steam Bath immediately feel relaxed and rejuvenated. It’s safe, relaxing and tranquil. 

Infrared Sauna

“Far”-infrared sauna is great for the traditional uses of meditation and detoxification. Detoxification of the body can optimize the efficiency of the immune system. Toxins in the body can accumulate in the skin and the liver and sweating is one of the body’s natural ways to remove toxins.

FIS heats the body from the core, therefore, it allows you to sweat up to 7 times more toxins than traditional saunas. Daily sweating can help detox the body as it rids itself of accumulated heavy metals as well as alcohol, nicotine, sodium, and sulfuric acid. FIS helps with acne by purifying the skin and cleansing the pores thus ridding accumulated dirt, cosmetics, blackheads and dry skin cells. Less toxins in the skin means healthier skin with improvements in skin complexion, tone, texture, elasticity and overall appearance.


 $35 - 30 min

$150 - 5 sessions

$250 - 10 sessions


The INDIGO Biofeedback System is by far the most comprehensive biofeedback system on the market today. 

Every cell, organ, meridian and emotion has a characteristic electro-magnetic signature. Illness can start as an energetic disturbance, which can be detected by the Indigo. The body's subtle energy system is an early warning system. Imbalances in the body's subtle energies show up much earlier than overt physical disease.

The function of Quantum Biofeedback is similar to that of a virus-scan on a computer. It finds the energetic imbalances of stressors such as viruses, nutritional imbalances, allergies, abnormalities, and food sensitivities by calculating the biological reactivity and resonance in your own body. This data offers an understanding of your possible needs, dysfunctions, and vulnerabilities. The information focuses in on your energetic body, which offers a more complete view of each facet of your health.

Price: $150 - 90 min

Ionic Footbath

.An ionic detox foot bath is a natural method of assisting the body in eliminating harmful toxins, heavy metals, and other harmful foreign matter.

What can I expect after a detox foot bath session?

Most people will feel relaxed, balanced, and focused. There is usually no pain. People who suffer from excessive toxicity may experience some discomfort as their bodies release toxins from the tissues for elimination. After a detox foot bath, clients are encouraged to drink plenty of water to assist with making elimination easier and more confortable. Some people may experience fatigue or headache after a session.

How does an ionic detox foot bath work?

Electrical current passes through a set of plates in a module that is immersed in the water inside the foot bath tub. The foot bath water contains a special sea salt, so it has the mineral concentration of water from the ocean. While the client's feet are in the water, positive and negative ions are emitted by the foot bath system. This re-energizes the body and the red blood cells. It eliminates toxins that are stored in fat, kidneys, liver, bowels, and skin. The foot bath also triggers the body's lymphatic system, which helps with continuing detoxification for up to 24 to 48 hours after a session.

Price: $45 per session

Herbal Consultations

Herbal medicine uses the therapeutic properties of plants and trees to restore health and balance to the individual in a holistic way. Herbs are powerful, and health is complicated, so in the best interest of your health and safety, we need to make sure we have enough time to devote to working on your issues before we can make recommendations for more complicated health situations.

A full consultation with an herbalist is for people seeking to do deeper work on their health and truly work to achieve long-last changes in their life. You must be willing and interested in making changes to your diet and lifestyle, and not just be looking for herbs to be a ‘fix’ to your problems, but to act as allies in the bigger picture.

They are an on-going relationship between you and your practitioner, who will act as your guide as you navigate your own health journey; helping you to find the herbs and other healing modalities that best fit you and your health picture.

The initial consultation will be anywhere from an hour to two hours, during which time we will go in-depth into your health history so that we can gain a clear picture of where you are in your health journey. We will discuss the goals you wish to achieve in terms of your health, and develop a plan on how to reach them.


We are not licensed health practitioners. Which means that if at any point in time during any encounter with one of our staff members they feel that what you have going on is beyond our ability to help you, or if they see any red flag warnings of deeper or more serious health issues, we may refer you to seek help with alternate providers, including the possibility of us suggesting you go to an urgent care center.

Pricing: $85 - 60 min consultation